Scarborough Spa Orchestra season draws to a spectacular close

The end of the Scarborough Spa Orchestra's summer season is already in sight '“ by the time they have played their last 2018 performance at the Spa on September 12, they will have notched up more than 135 concerts, and every single one will have been different from all the others.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th August 2018, 10:30 am

Many pieces will have been played more than once, but with almost two thousand programme slots to fill, this is inevitable.

Only a very few pieces will have been played more than three times, usually because they have been popular items in the Thursday morning request concerts.

A professional musician with one of the country’s major orchestras might expect to have to play up to 50 different musical works in a year.

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The professional musicians in the Spa Orchestra are asked to master nearly a thousand. No wonder the musicians who occasionally deputise in the Scarborough orchestra are left with feelings of both disbelief and exhaustion.

Traditionally one of the last gala concerts of the season is devoted not to guest singers, but to the Spa Orchestra members themselves.

Called O Solo Mio, next Wednesday evening’s – September 5 – performance will showcase the talents of the players.

Each musician will present a solo piece.

Some of these might be fun pieces, some might be purely virtuoso showpieces for their own particular instruments. Without exception, all the items will demonstrate, if demonstration were needed, what an amazing array of musical talent is available on the Spa stages nine times a week throughout the summer.

There are still a couple of weeks left in the Spa Orchestra season. Regular audience members would urge you to give them a try, perhaps on a Sunday morning when a small donation replaces the ticket price.

Tickets: 01723 821888