Scarborough to host new 1920s gangster murder mystery event

Let's be honest - we've all dubbed ourselves quite the detective when it comes to watching TV crime shows.

Thursday, 27th February 2020, 12:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th February 2020, 12:50 pm
Have you got what it takes to catch a killer?

Now you have the chance to become your very own real-life Sherlock Holmes with CluedUpp's new 1920s gangster murder mystery, Sneaky Finders, coming to Scarborough

on Saturday (Feb 29).

Think Pokemon-Go crossed with Cluedo, Sneaky Finders combines the outdoor excitement of geo-gaming with the gritty, nail-biting elements of a murder mystery.

Have you got what it takes to catch a killer?

The aim of this app-based game is to have players hunting all over town in order to locate virtual witnesses, crack clues to eliminate suspects and solve the crime.

The latest CluedUpp storyline takes inspiration from 1920s gangster Britain and will see up to 100 detective teams taking part to solve an exciting and complex murder mystery.

CluedUpp's founder, Tref Griffiths said: “Gangster Britain seems to be a hugely loved era for so many people globally and following the success of popular mobster films and TV shows, we

thought the 1920s era would be a great foundation to a game which transforms the player into their very own real-life detective.

"We can't wait to see if our detectives are up to the challenge of solving our most complex case yet!”

Taking place entirely via the CluedUpp smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android, all you need to take part is a phone and a team of six sneaky detectives to compete in the race to unveil the mysterious murderer.

Tickets for the event are on special offer right now, costing just £36 for a team of six adults (little detectives and dogs play free) and can be bought from the CluedUpp web store.

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