MP Sir Greg Knight calls for beer duty cuts in next week’s Budget

Sir Greg Knight MP.Sir Greg Knight MP.
Sir Greg Knight MP.
East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of a number of politicians calling for areduction in the tax paid on beer in next week’s Budget.

Sir Greg has pointed out that many in the hospitality sector are struggling to survive including local pubs due partly to the impact of the pandemic, and some long-standing community assets could close permanently with a subsequent knock-on effect on jobs.

He said: “At present a pint of beer in Britain is taxed at a rate 11 times higher than the equivalent in Germany or Spain. In the UK people pay 54p in duty on a pint of 5% beer, while in Spain and Germany the equivalent duty would be just 5p.

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Pubs are the heart of many communities, especially in rural areas, and are a vital part of the UK economy. They play an important role too in boosting tourism.

“During the pandemic pubs suffered, while alcohol sales in supermarkets boomed.

“Now it is time to reduce the tax burden to help these community assets thrive.”

Sir Greg has previously been acknowledged as a ‘Beer Champion’ by the British Beer and Pub Association and the Society of Independent Brewers, for helping secure beer duty cuts in previous budgets and he is also a supporter of the ‘Long Live the Local’ campaign.