Nineteen of the most historic Yorkshire estate villages that are still beautifully preserved today

These are some of Yorkshire’s traditional estate villages – many of them still owned by the families who built them for their workers, others long sold but still retaining their heritage.

These villages sprung up on the landed estates of the gentry, mostly from the 18th century onwards when large numbers of staff were needed to work in the houses, gardens, parkland and estate businesses. Workers were given tenancies on their cottages and in some case commercial premises such as shops. In Yorkshire, many of these villages are still overwhelmingly owned by the family at the ‘great house’, such as the Worsleys of Hovingham Hall. Others are part of an estate where the house has been sold off or demolished but the surrounding land and farms remain in the family or a trust, such as Wentworth near Rotherham, which is managed separately to Wentworth Woodhouse. Others are no longer owned by any estate, but retain their historic features and are still well-preserved.