Food favourites with artist Lynne Arnison - art, easels, Italian eating, seafood and Peter O’Toole

Originally from Morley, Leeds, Lynne Arnison moved to the seaside with her family 27 years ago transferring my job.

By Sue Wilkinson
Friday, 5th April 2019, 8:53 am
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 8:59 am
Arist Lynne Arnison
Arist Lynne Arnison

She has been with my present employer 33 years and is a work coach supporting people to find training and work.

Lynne is to Dave and they have two grown-up children Tom and Scarlett. They live in the Ramshill area of Scarborough.

Her passion is the arts and she always been creative whether it be painting, sketching or making things for the home.

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She is chairman, artist and volunteer at the Stephen Joseph Theatre shop and work with a great collective of artists and makers there.

How often do you eat out

Not as often as I would like but half a dozen times a year. My choice: Cafe Fish, Eat-me cafe or Giannis.

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Locally, what are your three favourite restaurants

I tend to eat out when we visit other towns and cities.

Manchester is a favourite and Italian restaurants are our first choice.

In Scarborough it’s takeaways more than often. We are liking I-Kitchen in Ramshill and Flames always hits the spot for pizzas. I am missing Hanover Road fish ‘n’ chip shop as I looked forward to a chippy tea after my theatre shift.

What is your favourite comfort food and why

Pie ‘n’ peas definitely, reminds me of home, as in Morley.

What is your favourite cooking/food programme

Michel Roux’s Service, not particularly a cooking programme as it focussed more on front of house.

Michel was mentor to eight young people who were unemployed or had not found their way in life. He was so patient and encouraging even though some were challenging at times.

You can eat anything, anywhere in the world, cooked by a chef or your choice, no expense spared, who would cook for you, what would they cook and where would it be.

I would chose Gennaro Contaldo who would cook me an Italian seafood dish sat in a restaurant looking over the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Amalfi coast. I love Italian dishes especially seafood and he seems an amiable chap. While I was waiting for my meal I could set up my easel and paint.

Who cooks in your house? What do they cook and why

My husband Dave. He cooks mostly home made soups, stews and casseroles, italian and traditional dishes of course all made from scratch (no ready made sauces). He has always cooked for the family.

You are cooking to impress. What do you cook

Usually to return the favour for cooking all week I will make something for Dave. The last thing I made him was a meat and taitie pie.

You can invite five people to dinner. What would you cook for them

My first choice would be my mum, late dad, my children and Dave. But for sheer indulgence my old fine art tutor Patrick Oliver who was an artist in his own right, his best mate Peter O’Toole, they don’t make actors like that anymore. Artist Frida Kahlo, why wouldn’t I? Also Olivia Coleman because she is so good at her craft yet so grounded. I originally thought of John Cooper Clarke but changed my mind after watching episode two of Afterlife, it’s now Ricky Gervais as my fifth choice. I’d cook Italian of course.

You can hire a private chef. Who would that be and why?

I think it would have to be Keith Floyd. Loved his flamboyant nature and his passion for fish and seafood. We could share a bottle of red wine while he cooked for us.

You are at the chippy. What do you order

Large cod and chips wrapped in paper please.

Who has been the biggest influence on you – food wise

Definitely my mum. She cooked from scratch everyday for my dad, two brothers and I. She would also make puddings most days such as jam rolypoly and sponge puddings.

Sunday my mum baked ginger biscuits, parkin, fruit pies and my two grans would call in.

Name your favourite song connected with food.

That’s Amore by Dean Martin ... for all of the above reasons.

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What’s the one food you could not live without

Fish and seafood.

The one thing you cannot eat and why

With one exception regarding fish - jellied eels, it just tastes of mud.

The condemned had a last meal. What would your last meal be.

Probably a seafood linguine with a glass of wine...or two.

Quick fire:

Full English or continental breakfast: full English!

Tea or coffee: tea

Sweet or savoury: savoury

Jamie Oliver or Raymond Blanc: Raymond Blanc

Chips or salad: salad

Fruit or chocolate: chocolate

Oysters? Yes or no: yes, definitely