Drunk thought screwdriver was Harry Potter’s wand

A drunk who waved a screwdriver in front of scared onlookers did so because he wanted to pretend to be Harry Potter.

Tuesday, 14th July 2015, 7:55 pm
James Thornton thought his screwdriver was Harry Potter's wand after going on a three day bender.

Booze cast a wicked spell on wannabe wizard James Thornton, who pretended the screwdriver was a magic wand after a three day bender.

The only problem with Thornton’s sorcery was that while the drink left him convinced he was a capable conjurer, he was a mere muggle.

To onlookers he was waving the screwdriver around in a way “that was causing concern”.

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And while the expelliarmus spell wasn’t used to disarm Thornton, the police were.

On Monday, he appeared at Scarborough Magistrates where he admitted to using threatening behaviour.

But the 31-year-old was spared a stint in Azkaban Prison, despite a poor record of boozy bad behaviour.

The prosecution told the morning hearing that when interviewed by police, Thornton, of Granville Road, said on a drunken scale of one to ten at the time of the offence he was a five when he grabbed into his bag and pulled out the device.

“He was feeling daft and felt like waving it around like a Harry Potter wand,” said Katy Varlow from the Crown Prosecution Service.

But representing himself, Thornton admitted he’d drank too much but was seeking medical help, and was on tablets to combat some medical issues.

The benefit claimant added: “When I drink I tend to end up in court.”

He was handed a conditional discharge, and told to pay £250.