Over-50s move online to find a partner

7.8 million adults in the UK use dating sites7.8 million adults in the UK use dating sites
7.8 million adults in the UK use dating sites
With websites like Tinder popular with the more youthful end of the dating market, over-50s may feel left out when it comes to finding a partner.

However, a new dating site aimed at older adults has been launched for older adults seeking a soulmate.

Maturity Dating is a free service for senior singles which aims to allow older men and women to find love at an unhurried pace, unlike what may seem like a more frantic experience from other dating apps - “while still keeping up their commitments to work, family and friends”.

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The basic principle of the site is similar to others - member galleries will allow those seeking a partner to browse for a man or woman who catches their eye. Results can be ‘filtered’ by attributes such as physical match, location, “soulmate match” and even by star sign.

Lyndon Ogden, Maturity Dating’s managing director, said: “With more than 7.8m adults in the UK now using dating sites, the taboo has been well and truly broken – and no group has embraced that more than the mature men and women of the UK.

The company claim that the website is one of the safest dating sites out there – all new member profiles are checked to verify that the member is who they say they are, and the site also offers safety tips for both online and offline dating.

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