Boy saved by Scarborough lifeboat crew features as part of podcast

A boy who survived after being swept out to sea in Scarborough’s South Bay has shared his story as part of an RNLI podcast.

By Sarah Fitton
Monday, 1st March 2021, 9:17 am

When he found himself out of his depth last summer, 10-year-old Ravi Saini used the “float to live” technique to keep himself afloat until a lifeboat crew could rescue him.

He has shared his experience in the final episode of the latest season of the RNLI’s Lifesavers podcast.

The volunteers who helped him have also spoken about how they helped and how proud they are of Ravi.

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Ravi Saini.

They also explain how lifesaving has had to adapt since the pandemic.

As reported by The Scarborough News, Ravi, from Leeds, was found near Vincent Pier after being swept across the bay from the Spa.

His father, Nathu, had seen his son in the sea and called to him to come back to shore.

When it became clear Ravi could not make it, Nathu waded in but was beaten back by the strength of the tide.

Lifeboat crews believe Ravi's life was saved by his use of the ‘float to live’ technique which he learned watching TV programmes about ocean rescues.

Ravi and his family returned to Scarborough to thank the lifeboat volunteers after the rescue.

He told the RNLI team that pulled him from the water that they gave him "a second chance to live" when he visited Scarborough lifeboat station.

To listen to his story, search for episode four, season two of the RNLI’s Lifesavers podcast on an online streaming service.