Scarborough's Saint Cecilia’s Care Group features in high profile TV documentary starring Ed Balls

A North Yorkshire care provider has been chosen to feature in a high-profile BBC Two documentary fronted by broadcaster and ex-politician Ed Balls on the challenges facing the social care sector.
St Cecelia's Nursing Home will feature in the documentarySt Cecelia's Nursing Home will feature in the documentary
St Cecelia's Nursing Home will feature in the documentary

Saint Cecilia’s Care Group in Scarborough will have two of its homes included in two one-hour broadcasts for BBC Two.

The crew has been filming in Saint Cecilia’s Nursing Home and Saint Cecilia’s Care Home this month and will return in June and July.

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The programme is aimed at providing an in-depth and “immersive” view of the current state of social care.

Saint Cecilia’s Managing Director, Mike Padgham, said: “They were looking for typical care and nursing homes to take part and we are very pleased to have been chosen.

“We know that it will give a warts ‘n all view of the challenges facing the social care system in 2021 and right now those challenges are huge.

“All credit to the BBC on this as I and colleagues in social care have been trying to highlight the issues facing adult social care, many of which have been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic, for many years.

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We hope that this documentary will help us to bring those challenges to the fore, bring about much needed change and support the ongoing campaign to get reform for the sector.

“Care providers are working extremely hard to provide the best possible care in a sector that has seen more than £8bn cut from funding since 2010, with the result that some 1.5m people are now living without the care they need.

“If Ed Balls and the documentary can help get the crisis in social care higher up the political agenda, it will be well worth it.”