Song for Peace to be performed in peace vigil at Whitby's Dock End

A group of people from the Whitby area, from all backgrounds, have been learning a song for Palestine, which they will be singing at a Ceasefire Now Peace Vigil at Whitby’s Dock End, on Saturday March 30 – International Palestine Day.
Peace campaigners calling for an end to the genocide in Gaza.Peace campaigners calling for an end to the genocide in Gaza.
Peace campaigners calling for an end to the genocide in Gaza.

The group was started in February 2024 by a small handful of people who felt that they could not witness the cruel slaughter of Palestinian families in Gaza, without trying to do something to help.

A previous Vigil brought together at least 80 people, to demand peace in Gaza and mourn the thousands killed by the conflict.

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The newly-founded Whitby Solidarity with Palestine is aiming to do all it can to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinian people, to bear witness at the very least and whatever it can do to support their cause at this terrible time.

Theresa Tomlinson, a Whitby area writer and grandmother-of-seven, said: “I found it unbearable to witness the continuous cruel suffering in Gaza; so many children slaughtered, orphaned, maimed and traumatised for life.

"Having seen that a group in Scarborough had organised a vigil, I felt sure that we could do the same in Whitby.

"It was heart-warming to discover that many others felt the same.”

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The Whitby group wants the government to stop using people’s taxes to support Israel with arms and ammunition, to call for an immediate ceasefire and insist that medical aid and food trucks, which are ready and waiting at the Rafah Crossing, be allowed into Gaza.

The vigil on Saturday March 30 is on from 3pm.