These were all the Scarborough incidents reported to police on 'Black Eye Friday'

Black Eye Friday was as busy as police predicted, with fights, anti-social behaviour and traffic accidents in Scarborough.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th December 2018, 10:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:05 pm

North Yorkshire Police Tweeted details of every 999 call they received from noon until 6am, to show the range of emergencies (and some which are definitely not emergencies) they are asked to attend.

One of the most bizarre incidents of the night saw a woman complain that a chippy had given her a sausage instead of the fish she wanted.

This is the full list of Scarborough incidents

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* Reports from a resident in Scarborough that their neighbour is "growling". Advised to report it to the council's housing team.

* Caller in Scarborough letting us know about a broken down vehicle that caught fire and will need to be recovered from the side of the road.

* Report of a woman banging on a door in Scarborough.

* Report of a potentially vulnerable woman in a distressed state in Scarborough. Officers attending.

* Report of man in a Scarborough street appears injured and is kicking doors

* Reports of money being stolen from a bag in Scarborough. Officers investigating

* Woman who sounds drunk has called to complain she's been kicked out of a bar in Scarborough. Officer at scene.

* Report of altercation outside a pub in Scarborough. Man becoming abusive and violent. We're our way.

* Report of man assaulting a woman in Scarborough officers on route to area.

* Caller in Scarborough reports that there is a man on the floor - luckily one of our officers is nearby to assist

* Report of pushing and shoving outside a pub in Scarborough, officers attend and incident resolved by door staff. All parties leaving the area.

* Reports of a small group of men assaulting a woman in Scarborough. Police attending.

* Call from fast food restaurant in Scarborough reporting anti-social behaviour.

* Caller reports a lot of noise is coming from above the pub next door to their house in Scarborough. Local officers will keep an eye out

* Officers on route to a report of people in Scarborough running around and believed to be carrying a knife. All quiet on arrival, but one man with cut on wrist. Officers still at scene

* Concern about noisy neighbours in the Scarborough area.

* Fight in a Scarborough bar. Officer at scene.

* Call from the Scarborough area, concern for their neighbour, can hear screaming and shouting, officers at scene

* Officers dealing with a group of drunk youths who were stumbling into traffic in Scarborough

* Caller reports that a man keeps ringing his doorbell in Scarborough and will not leave. Still receiving details.

* Report of a car, with no lights on, seen driving the wrong way down North Street in Scarborough. Attempting to gather registration details to locate vehicle

* Caller reporting his father has been assaulted outside a bar Scarborough. Two men have hit him after he accidentally bumped into them - when he was knocked down his valuable watch was taken. Victim has cuts and black eye. Details being taken

* Report of a road related offence in #Scarborough - vehicle not insured so recovery requested

* Report of a fight in #Scarborough – officers attend and the scene is now clear

* Our 600th incident since midnight relates to a woman who has fallen and has a head injury in Scarborough. Our officers will stay with her until our colleagues from @YorksAmbulance arrive

* We’ve received a report of an ongoing fight in Scarborough. Our officers are at the scene.

* Suspected drink driver arrested in Scarborough after blowing 101 during roadside breath test - around three times the legal limit. He'll be taken into custody for further tests