Most valuable Star Wars memorabilia: original Darth Vader helmet sells for more than $1 million

A Darth Vader helmet used in the filming of the original Star Wars trilogy has sold for more than $1million (£870,000), topping a list of the films’ most expensive memorabilia.

The list, compiled by, includes props from the movies, like Luke Skywalker’s original lightsabre, and Han Solo’s leather jacket.

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But toys and classic merchandise, like a Boba Fett action figure, are also thought to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

What are the top 10 most valuable items?

The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Helmet £817,022George Lucas’ Panavision Camera £427,000Star Wars TIE Fighter model (used prop) £240,000Snowtrooper Helmet £155,000Chewbacca’s Original Costume Headpiece £138,634Han Solo’s Leather Jacket from The Force Awakens £131,000‘Star Wars’ Costume Design Sketchbook £130,128Luke Skywalker’s original lightsabre £113,000Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Action Figure (Prototype) £93,388Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi Telescoping Lightsaber £61,748

What do the experts say?

“There is so much Star Wars merchandise out there,” said Will Thomas from

“This could be a really great time for someone to test out collecting, especially with the latest installment of the Star Wars saga due at the end of the year.”

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Star Wars superfan and toy expert, Marc Airey, who helped compile the list, says that people should try to have fun when collecting.

“There’s no way we can be certain about what products are going to be hot picks,” he said, “So go into it for the mindset of having fun.

“Rushing in for monetary gain is likely to lead to frustration and quitting the collection game quickly.”

This article originally appeared in our sister title, The Blackpool Gazette.