Protein powder, detox drinks and shakes recalled over allergy fears

Health product manufacturer Ultralife is recalling several items from its range due to their containing ingredients not listed on the packaging.

Owing to a labelling error, five varieties of their food supplements variously contain wheat (gluten), milk, nuts, eggs and soya that are not declared on the products' labels.

The recalled products are:

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Ultralife Detox Total Cleansing and Detoxifying Drink (all flavours) contains undeclared nuts. The recall applies to all pack sizes, dates and batches.

Ultralife Performance Protein (all flavours) contains undeclared egg, milk, wheat (gluten) and soya - again, all pack sizes, dates and batches.

Ultralife Performance Lean Gain (all flavours) contains undeclared egg, milk and wheat (gluten) - all pack sizes, dates and batches.

Ultralife Slim Shake (all flavours) contains soya, in all package varieties.

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And Ultralife Fitnesshake Healthy Meal Replacement (all flavours affected) also contains undeclared soya, in all its pack variants.

No other Ultralife products are known to be affected at this time.

Anyone having purchased any of the listed products, and who has an an allergy or intolerance wheat or gluten, to milk or milk constituents, an allergy or intolerance to eggs, or an allergy to nuts or an allergy to soya, is advised not to consume the products.

Instead the should return the product(s) to the store from where they were bought for a full refund.