Four new sides voted into Saturday League

Tonight's Scarborough News Saturday League AGM saw four new sides voted into the league.

Saturday League AGM round up
Saturday League AGM round up

Edgehill 3rds, Seamer 3rds, Goalsports Reserves and Goldsborough were voted into the league by the member clubs at the annual meeting.

There will be no promotion or relegation to or from Division One, with 10 teams battling it out in the top flight.

Twelve teams will make up Division Two with Ayton relegated to the third tier and FC Rosette and Goalsports promoted. Snainton decided to stay put in Division Two.

With the four new teams in Division Three, there will be a bumper 13-team league.


DIVISION ONE: West Pier, Edgehill, Hunmanby United, Newlands Park, Filey Town, Whitby Fishermen's Society, Seamer, Sleights, Cayton, Westover Wasps

DIVISION TWO: Newlands Reserves, Seamer Reserves, Filey Town Reserves, Duchess, Edgehill Reserves, Scalby, West Pier Reserves, Cayton Reserves, Falsgrave Athletic, Snainton, FC Rosette, Goalsports

DIVISION THREE: Ayton, Sherburn, Itis Itis Rovers, Eastway Sports, Westover Wasps Reserves, Hunmanby United Reserves, Scalby Reserves, Fishburn Park, Commercial, Edgehill 3rds, Seamer 3rds, Goldsborough, Goalsports Reserves

The league season will commence on September 1, while Newlands manager Shaun Mancrief was also voted onto the league's management committee.

Whitby Fishermen's secretary Mark Storr was named as the league's secretary of the year.

Following the meeting, the draws for the first round of the League Cup, League Trophy and Frank White Trophy were done.


Scalby v Hunmanby United, Duchess v Ayton, Goalsports v Itis Itis Rovers, Whitby Fishermen's Society v Falsgrave Athletic, Cayton v Snainton, Edgehill v Goalsports Reserves. BYES: FC Rosette, Filey Town, Filey Town Reserves, Seamer, Westover, West Pier, Sleights, Cayton Reserves, Goldsborough, Newlands.


Scalby v Ayton, Snainton v Edgehill Reserves, Hunmanby United Reserves v Eastway Sports, Sherburn v Westover Reserves, Falsgrave Athletic v Goalsports Reserves, Commercial v Filey Town Reserves, Goldsborough v Scalby Reserves. BYES: FC Rosette, Seamer Reserves, West Pier Reserves, Fishburn Park, Itis Itis Rovers, Cayton Reserves, Duchess, Goalsports, Newlands Reserves


Commercial v Hunmanby United Reserves, Eastway v Goalsports Reserves, Scalby Reserves v Itis Itis Rovers, Edgehill 3rds v Seamer 3rds, Goldsborough v Fishburn Park. BYES: Ayton, Westover Wasps Reserves, Sherburn.