This year's Christmas street trail in Bridlington has finally launched and hopes to 'foster community spirit'

Residents, groups and businesses in Bridlington can now register to take part in this year’s Christmas street trail.
The Christmas street trail in Bridlington has now launched.The Christmas street trail in Bridlington has now launched.
The Christmas street trail in Bridlington has now launched.

To participate in the trail, people can create their own Christmas themed character, tree, object or anything that can be displayed in their window or garden that those walking by can admire.

Volunteer lead group Bridlington Street Trails are organising this Christmas event and the display will be awarded a prize for the owner’s hard work and creativity.

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A spokesperson for Bridlington Street Trails said: “Prior to the development of Bridlington Street Trails, street trails have been successfully completed in Hull and other parts of the country.

“We adopted the idea in Bridlington, during the pandemic, as a way of promoting and fostering community spirit and cohesion.

“We have found that local people have really enjoyed making decorations, displaying them in their front gardens, windows or doorways.

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“We believe that local people could further benefit from planned street trails to help a sense of belonging and improving relationships and helping local business

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“We have asked people to ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’ when they make items for the trail.

“When people take part in the trails we ask that their displays can be seen from the footpath. We don’t want members of the public trampling over people's gardens.

“Front gardens, front doors, shop windows, downstairs windows and even upstairs windows have been used to showcase their displays.

“We encourage not only the residents of Bridlington to take part but also businesses like shops, cafes, B&B’s, hotels, libraries, residential homes, schools and more. Everyone is welcome to take part!”

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Bridlington Street Trails are also looking for donations/sponsors to provide prizes.

The trail will be open from December 9 until December 30, so now is the perfect time to get prepared and plan a Christmas display.

To register visit and to enquire about sponsorship or donations please email [email protected].