Scarborough College is shortlisted for top award

Scarborough College has been chosen from schools across the country to be shortlisted for a top award.

By Sarah Fitton
Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 8:18 pm
Scarborough College.
Scarborough College.

The college is in the running to become education publication TES’s Senior School of the Year 2021.

Because the college is shortlisted for the prize, it is also automatically entered for the Independent School of the Year award.

In choosing a winner, judges will look for more than just academic achievement.

As well as maintaining teaching and learning, this last year has seen Scarborough College teachers have been fundraising, creating face masks and visors, and helping get people to the rugby club vaccination centre.

Scarborough College Headmaster Guy Emmett said: “This is the celebration of one thousand small good deeds and selfless efforts.

“From our form tutors making personal phone calls to check in with their pupils on a regular basis to the cleaners who almost have to work around the clock to keep the school safe.

“For many schools, these academic years will probably go into the books as among the most demanding and unnerving years in recent history.

“Like many businesses, some independent schools have not come out on the other side either and knowing fellow heads, I realise this is not for lack of herculean efforts on their side either.

“If it was up to me, I would have nominated most schools in the country for Senior School of the Year but now we’re in the running a tiny voice inside says I hope we win it.

“My colleagues, our parents and above all our pupils deserve the recognition.”

The awards ceremony will be held online later this year.