TECH TALK: Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

Dash cams remain the most effective proof for defending yourself in the case of a road traffic accident.

By Andrew Foley
Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 11:07 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 12:09 pm
Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam
Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

These in-car camera systems record your journey and some insurance companies already accept the footage in the event of a claim, especially if it is unclear who was at fault. This can help settle claims more quickly and protect a driver's no-claims discount.

Usage has increased dramatically, with AA research revealing 15% of drivers now use dash cams.

The motoring organisation also considers dash cams can contribute to road safety, by making us more aware of our actions, as well as the actions of others. In addition, they can be a valuable tool for learner, new and returning drivers.

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Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

The C570 sits on top of the Mio MiVue range. It certainly does not come from the 'cheap and cheerful' department.

Unit measurements are 61x54x38mm, with a weight of 67.5g. The instructions are clear and straightforward, both for installation and use.

Correct positioning is crucial to get the utmost from the product and achieve optimum function. Routing was a bit fiddly, especially installing the cable as advised. However, this was more due lack of familiarity and willingness to do the job well, rather than difficulties with the device itself.

It is important to perform this task properly, to avoid the cable obstructing the windscreen or interfering with the airbags. If in doubt, consult a specialist who is familiar with the make and model of your vehicle.

Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

A suction-cup mount attaches to the windscreen and a little care has to be taken to ensure the camera is parallel to the ground. Indeed, the whole installation process must be conducted on a level surface.

The C750 supports memory cards up to 128GB, giving plenty of recording capacity. It also includes integrated GPS, so vehicle location and its speed are logged for every recording.

The GPS includes speed alerts and also pre-installed safety camera data, so drivers know exactly how fast they can safely drive. The data updates for the lifetime of the device. Unlike some other dash cams, the GPS module is completely housed inside the unit.

After setting the date and time, via clear and straightforward on-screen menus, you are good to go.

Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

The 'continuous recording' mode is initiated by the vehicle's ignition and starts a few seconds after the engine. With 'event recording' mode, the 3-axis G sensor prompts the C570 to begin recording due to aggressive movement, high-speed motoring or sudden impact.

An additionally-purchased cable, to facilitate uninterrupted power, allows the C750 to also be used in 'parking mode'. Rear-cam support is also available, should motorists wish to expand the system.

Sony's premium STARVIS optic sensor provides clear images across the 150-degree view angle. Picture quality is sharp, from 1080 Full HD at 30 frames per second, with images viewed on a two-inch screen.

The f1.8 lens provides accurate colours, with punchy contrast and the wide aperture is especially useful for extracting the utmost information in low light. The near infra-red range gets users as close to night vision as possible with dash cams.

Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

Mio MiVue Manager allows external viewing of images recorded on the dash cam. Software can be downloaded from the company's website at and by following the instructions. System requirements are Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.9, or later in all cases.

Overall, the dash cam was straightforward to use and is clearly a quality product that enhances a 'safety first' approach to driving.

Cost of Mio's flagship MiVue model is £120. And while there may be cheaper models on the market, this really is a case of 'you get what you pay for'.


Screen Size: 2.0"

Recording Resolution: 1080p at 30fps

Mio MiVue C570 Dash Cam

Lens Aperture / Wide Angle: F1.8 / 150°

GPS safety camera warnings

3-Axis G-Sensor

Parking Mode

GPS built in

GPS Safety camera warnings

Rotating Mount

Photo option

Supports up to 128GB Micro SD card


Mio MiVue C570

In-vehicle charger

In-vehicle mounting bracket

Quick Start Guide