Letter: Now we just need dynamic leadership

Dynamic leadership is the key.Dynamic leadership is the key.
Dynamic leadership is the key.
Ours was a proud progressive nationally admired place. It got loads of good PR and was a place people boasted of visiting, living in and working in.

That was pre- and early-post war. The generation of locals who got through the war were tired, many retired or sold their businesses.

Then package tours became the vogue and our tourism offering seemed old hat.

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Numbers and earnings dropped, hotels became flats, and the energetic confident spirit waned.

Mercifully, light industry saved the economy, though many still think a few weeks of season are the core. Important certainly, and extending length and strength of market.

But that isn’t a patch on the revenues from year round wages at Eastfield or GCHQ.

So, what’s happening? In education, a lot. Local youngsters and incomers are spoiled for choice with the Sixth form, Scarborough TEC (Training, Education, Careers, formerly Yorkshire Coast College) moving to Filey Road soon with a brand new catering school, the University Training College and Coventry University in the valley.

My hunch is they will have the nous to work together.

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Providing great education and training to suit abilities ambitions and jobs or out of town career opportunities.

Show me another place with such a wealth of goodies?

And look at the business potential. If there are well motivated and trained young people firms and jobs will grow and new ones will be set up. That means a need and a market for housing and service businesses, and leisure and cultural activities.

We have a world renowned theatre and museums and gallery that are only tickling the surface of that market.

We have a big raft of digital business and as world politics is going there will be serious growth in security matters. With more going on local and national government must back us with dynamic investment in roads and communications. Some dated things will be replaced. One is the Futurist and some are mourning its passing and horrified if the Golden Mile stuff grows a bit.

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But if you walk the seafront it is a popular style area. It’s not to my taste but if, for instance someone built over the West Pier car park with restaurants at first floor level and maybe some top notch apartments as well, then you would have the best sited restaurant on the East Coast. That would be a destination worth a trip.

My dream, which can come true is that North Yorkshire and the borough will create a largely autonomous division geared to the specific needs and opportunities of an enlarged borough territory.

Then both ends of North Yorkshire would really motor.

During the decade of renaissance initiative, Scarborough went “positive and optimistic” now is the time for the next, and very big boost to those things and the growth of overall prosperity.

Dynamic leadership is the key.

Tom Pindar

High Street