Champion smashes world record at Egton Bridge gooseberry show, near Whitby

Defending champion Graeme Watson smashed the world record at the 219th annual Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show yesterday.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 9:55 am
The Egton Gooseberry contest and show ,with new world record holder Graeme Watson . pic Richard Ponter
The Egton Gooseberry contest and show ,with new world record holder Graeme Watson . pic Richard Ponter

Graeme presented a berry of rare size at the weigh-in at St Hedda’s School.

He was quietly confident that it was a potential record breaker, but the true test would be the society scales.

As the balance arm steadied it settled out at 36 drams and 12 grains, 1 grain heavier than the current world record.

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The Egton Gooseberry contest and show ,with new world record holder Graeme Watson . pic Richard Ponter

The berry is a yellow Millennium and it weighed 64.6g or 2.28 ounces.

While this will need to be verified with Guinness World Records™ there were enough witnesses (and video and a check on a second set of goldsmith’s scales) that the society is confident that the record for heaviest gooseberry will be returning across the Pennines.

The display of berries was excellent, with many large specimens entered.

Graemen also took the society record for heaviest plate of 12 and also retained the Champion Grower crown, though with less points than in 2018.

The Egton Gooseberry contest and show ,with Secretary Ian Woodcock viewing some of the entries . pic Richard Ponter

The 2020 show will be held on Tuesday August 4 next year and new members are welcome. Contact the secretary on 895240 or email [email protected] if you are interested in joining the oldest gooseberry society in the world.


Champion Berry (R Harland Challenge Cup) - G Watson, Millennium (Yellow), 36 Drams, 12 Grains.

Yellow Berries: 1 G Watson, Millennium, 36 Drams, 12 Grains; 2 B Nellist, Millennium, 30 Drams, 13 Grains; 3 J Hart, Millennium, 25 Drams, 6 Grains; Red Berries: 1 P Fishpool, Lloyd George, 28 Drams, 9 Grains; 2 J Leng, Just Betty, 25 Drams, 13 Grains; 3 H Fishpool, Lord Derby, 22 Drams, 22 Grains; Green Berries: 1 TW Legg, Bank View, 24 Drams, 2 Grains; 2 A Eddon, Surprise, 21 Drams, 12 Grains; 3 S Mann, Bank View, 19 Drams, 13 Grains; White Berries 1 TR Willis, Belmarsh, 23 Drams, 5 Grains; 2 RB Potter, Mr Chairman, 22 Drams, 16 Grains; 3 T Price, Lord Kitchener, 20 Drams, 9 Grains; Maiden Prize (Dr & Mrs Hyatt Rose Bowl): 1 A Eddon, Woodpecker (Yellow), 23 Drams, 20 Grains; 2 M de Kretser, Millennium (Yellow), 21 Drams, 18 Grains; 3 Mrs C Pinkney, Woodpecker (Yellow), 19 Drams, 15 Grains; Best Beaten Berry: Mrs A Hart, Montrose (Yellow), 23 Drams, 23 Grains; Heaviest Twins (TW Ventress Plate): 1 G Watson, Yellow (Millennium), 45 Drams, 16 Grains; 2 J Hart, Yellow (Millennium), 39 Drams, 22 Grains; 3 B Nellist, 38 Drams, 5 Grains; Maiden Twins (Miss May Novice Cup): 1 M de Kretser, Green (Bank View), 34 Drams, 21 Grains; 2 Mrs C Pinkney, Yellow (Woodpecker), 32 Drams, 13 Grains; 3 A Eddon, Yellow (Woodpecker), 25 Drams, 3 Grains; Heaviest 12 (J E Raw Trophy): 1 G Watson, 23 Oz, 2 Drams, 9 Grains (new society record); 2 B Nellist, 19 Oz, 2 Drams, 23 Grains; 3 P Fishpool, 18 Oz, 4 Drams, 10 Grains; Heaviest 6 (H Welford Cup): 1 J Hart, 8 Oz, 15 Drams, 7 Grains; 2 TW Legg, 8 Oz, 3 Drams, 4 Grains; 3 JA Leng, 8 Oz, 1 Drams, 19 Grains; Maiden 6 (J Spenceley Cup): A Eddon, 7 Oz, 8 Drams, 16 Grains; Four Colours (RD Swales Memorial Cup): Miss E Fishpool, 3 Oz, 4 Drams, 27 Grains; Champion Grower (W Graham Challenge Cup): 1st G Watson, 57 points out of 60; 2nd B Nellist, 51 points out of 60; 3rd P Fishpool, 42 points out of 60.