Lady Lumley's celebrate strong set of GCSE results

Students, staff and parents celebrate.Students, staff and parents celebrate.
Students, staff and parents celebrate.
Staff and students at Lady Lumley's school are celebrating a strong set of GCSE results.

Overall 79 per cent of grades in English and 71 per cent in maths were level 4 or above (equivalent to grade C).

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In art, design and technology, French, history, health and social care, and PE over 80 per cent of all grades were level 4 or above.

From left: Chelsea Pepper, Gracie McNally, Abbie Henry share their results.From left: Chelsea Pepper, Gracie McNally, Abbie Henry share their results.
From left: Chelsea Pepper, Gracie McNally, Abbie Henry share their results.

Head teacher Richard Bramley said: "This was a really strong set of results at Lady Lumley’s School and reflects well on the school, the students, their parents and carers, and the staff who taught and supported the students over the years.

"We are proud of how well they have done and how hard they have worked."

Mr Bramley explanied the school used a three period per day structure which allowed students more time to develop a deep understanding of their subjects and put them under less stress each day.

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He continued: "As part of being a fully inclusive and deeply caring school, [we have] removed setting throughout all of Key Stage 3 and nearly all Key Stage 4.

"This means students can be treated as individuals with their own rate of development and allows us to tap into all of their potential."

Oliver Newby achieved 10 GCSE passes at grades 7 to 9, including eight grade 9s which would have been equivalent to 8 A star stars whilst Abbie Henry also achieved 10 GCSEs at grades 7 to 9.

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The following student all achieved nine GCSE qualifications at 7 or above (equivalent to an A grade or better): Livvy Blacklock, Lucy Howlett, Ellie Jackson, Holly Philps, Annabel Scholey, Malcolm Stewart and Caitlin Vasey.

Mr Bramley added: "As well as these high attaining students we would like to say well done to all those who met or exceeded expectations.

"We can only ask that the young people try their best, take on the advice and support offered and believe in themselves.

"Those who did this will have done well and they should be pleased with their results.

"We will see lots of our Year 11 students back in school as they join the sixth form and we wish those who are leaving us all the very best for the future."

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