Scarborough Athletic fan coach has window smashed from the inside at Whitby Town match

A coach put on for free to take Scarborough Athletic fans to the derby match at Whitby Town last night had one of its windows smashed by someone inside the vehicle.
The Turnbull Ground.The Turnbull Ground.
The Turnbull Ground.

The transport had been provided by the newly-created Valley Bar Seadogs Supporters Club which was set up to provide transport to away fixtures.

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Paul Adamson, the club secretary, explained the coaches they arranged for last night's match had been paid for by the supporters club and offered to fans for free.

He said: "We do cheap travel for members but we thought because it was the local derby and there was lots of people travelling we would use our own funds so people could get there for free.

"When we got to Whitby we got told a Whitby fan had thrown a brick at the coach so we told the police at the ground but it turns out it was smashed from inside."

The supporters club are now liable to foot the bill to replace the damage - estimated to be between £1,400 and £3,000 unless the person responsible is found.

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Paul added: "We took a big hit on our finances to run the free coach and if the damage is on the top end of what they're saying it'll finish us as a club and we've only done three trips."

As well as the clubs members, who all pay a small fee, other fans were invited to use the free transport last night.

A statement from the Valley Bar Seadogs Committee said: "From a committee point of view we are extremely upset by this incident. From the start we have worked hard to provide fans a club that works for both the football club in way of bringing maximum number of fans to away fixtures to cheer on the team and fans alike in way of subsidised travel, local discounts and the ability to follow Scarborough Athletic F. C.

"This incident highlights how the disrespect and misbehaviour of a single or small amount of individuals can heavily effect so many others.

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"This club was proud to put on free transport to members, hit a milestone of over 100 members this past week and has put in place the foundations of new perks and benefits for its members in the coming months.

"It is sad that just yesterday we as a committee were discussing what Christmas function and freebies we could put on for our members and today we are discussing how to save our travel club."

North Yorkshire Police confirmed they attended the incident around 7.45pm last night at the ground on Upgang Lane.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact police by ringing 101, selecting option 1 and quoting crime reference number 12190163688.

Information can also be passed anonymously to independent crime charity Crimestoppers on