Scarborough Science & Engineering Week starts today: here's what you can see at the three-day event

Day one of the 10th Scarborough Science & Engineering Week has officially started and hundreds of students walked through the doors of Scarborough Spa this morning to explore careers they might not have thought of.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 3:30 pm
Bosch Rexroth's stall at Scarborough Science & Engineering Week.

Representatives from 35 companies from the world of technology, science and engineering are on site to talk pupils through what they do, encourage them to have a go at the activities and games they have put on for them and ultimately show them the fun side of technology.

The aim?

Sparking young people's interest in STEM subjects and convince them that a career in science and engineering is worth pursuing.

Students try virtual reality headsets from manufacturing firm Komatsu.

Engineer Chris Cooke from McCain Foods said: "There is little engineering knowledge and willingness to join engineering in the Scarborough area so we're here to promote engineering and our apprenticeship scheme. We currently employ 70 to 80 engineering staff and a lot of the schools and colleges just don't appreciate that we have that many on site.

"We recruit apprentices on a year by year basis so we need the best of what's out there."

To attract the attention of young people, the company have displayed a cutaway motorgear box, a memory game and a pneumatic golf ball maze which reflect the systems that operate in the factory.

Scarborough TEC's robots.

Sirius Minerals, one of the event's headline sponsors, are also at the Spa with a model of their tunnel boring machine currently being used to dig the 23-mile tunnel through which polyhalite will be transported to Teesside.

Despite the funding blow suffered by the company last month, Sirius said they are "proud" support the event and "delighted to play a part in helping to increase the number of young people who want a science-related career".

Other companies involved in the three-day fair include engineering firm Bosch Rexroth, whose staff are on a mission to demonstrate the principles of fluid power, Scarborough-based Schneider Electric, whose displays revolve around magnetic levitation trains and wind power and coach builder Plaxton which are encouraging children to have a go at balancing one of their vehicles using some weights.

Engineer Laurence Wood said: "Although this is just a game for the children, for us it's actually a real engineering problem because for the vehicles that we design we have lots of different artefacts that we have to get in and where we position them makes a difference to the performance of the vehicle."

But with so much going on under one roof, what do students make of it?

Theadora, Alannah, both 12, and Alesha, 13, from Whitby Caedmon College said: "It's interesting and fun because you get to interact with all the different things and see how they work."

Although the three of them have aspirations outside of engineering and science (acting, footballing and law respectively), they say they are willing to give STEM subjects a go.

Scarborough Science & Engineering Week, an event founded by Scarborough Business Ambassadors, continues tomorrow and Thursday.