Scarborough's Woodend Gallery to host welcoming event for Afghan refugees

Scarborough’s Woodend Gallery is set to host a welcoming event for the Afghan refugees who are temporarily staying in the town.
Woodend Gallery is giving the Afghan refugees a warm welcome.Woodend Gallery is giving the Afghan refugees a warm welcome.
Woodend Gallery is giving the Afghan refugees a warm welcome.

The refugees will be welcomed for tea, cake and children’s activities at the creative centre, and given free annual passes to the Rotunda Museum and art gallery on The Crescent.

Andrew Clay, CEO of Scarborough Museums Trust, said: “I think we all know these people have had a tough time. Presumably, they evacuated Afghanistan under very traumatic circumstances and are now living in a very different environment.”

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In August, 92 people, including 64 children, were temporarily homed in a hotel in Scarborough after fleeing the Taliban following the collapse of the government in Afghanistan.

A further 150 refugees were temporarily housed in a different hotel in September until permanent accommodation in the UK can be found for them.

Following news of the first arrival of people fleeing the Taliban into Scarborough local charities were overwhelmed with donations from the public to help those who had to leave everything behind to come to the UK.

Mr Clay continued: “A friendly Scarborough welcome is something we always strive for at the Museums Trust so my team and I all felt SMT must do its bit to ensure their stay in Scarborough is as positive as possible.

“We are looking forward to meeting them and we hope they will consider our venues to be safe spaces that they can visit on a regular basis.”