5 daily exercise alternatives to Joe Wicks workouts - from yoga to hip hop dance classes

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After the announcement of another round of national lockdowns in England, Scotland and Wales, fitness guru Joe Wicks has announced he will be bringing back his daily PE with Joe exercise class videos.

However, if you’re tired of Joe Wicks and want a fresh challenge, there’s an amazing selection of activities available for free online.

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From yoga and ballet, to hip hop dance workouts, you’re spoiled for choice when trying to pick a daily exercise routine. Here are some alternatives to the Body Coach.

Yoga with Adriene

The yoga guru built on her already impressive following through the first lockdown in March, with her current YouTube subscriber total sitting at nine million.

Adriene Mishler hosts the YouTube channel, aimed at providing high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness, at no cost.

There’s an amazing selection of workouts, and videos that are suitable for beginners and first timers to yoga, all the way up to longer workouts for the more experienced.

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If you’re not a morning person, no problem. Yoga can be a great way of breaking up your day, and Yoga with Adriene has a variety of videos aimed at taking a break from your desk during office hours.

Check out her YouTube channel here.

Ballet classes with Kathryn Morgan

Want to learn a new skill during this lockdown? Why not try ballet?

Former soloist with the New York City Ballet, Kathryn Morgan has brought her wealth experience to effective intro to ballet online classes. Varying in length, difficulty and ability, there is a great selection of videos to give you a new experience,

Ballet can be a great core workout. It will engage your mind as well as your body, giving you a distraction from the hectic news cycle.

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Kathryn Morgan also has a range of workout and exercise videos for dancers on her channel.

Check out her YouTube channel here.

GCN spin class

If you want a change to your workout regime and are lucky enough to have an indoor cycling machine or turbo trainer for your bike, try GCN spin classes.

The Global Cycling Network has set up its own online spin classes, providing a free alternative to the popular, and rather pricey, Peloton classes.

The cycling channel has a great selection of indoor spin classes guaranteed to get your blood pumping until you can get back on the open road once again.

Check out their spin classes here.

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305 Fitness

A great way to get in your daily exercise is through a dance workout.

305 Fitness provides a great selection of hip hop dance workouts on its YouTube channel, designed to get you moving and sweating to some of your favourite songs.

Based in New York City, Washington DC and Boston, the 305 became a hit during the first lockdown, providing people with a high intensity, fun alternative to their usual gym workouts.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

Move It or Lose It

Exercise company Move It or Lose It provides live workout sessions for older adults and the eldery on its Facebook Page.

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It is important for people of all ages to stay active, especially when they are getting limited time outside. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is advised that adults over the age of 65 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity on a weekly basis.

Many of the Move It or Lose It workouts are available on the organisation’s Facebook page’s video tab. Lots of the workouts are done from the comfort of a chair, and are a great way of staying active this winter.

Check out the Facebook page here.