Triton warns that a fault in some showers could cause fire or electric shock

Triton has asked its customers to check their shower units for a dangerous fault that could cause electric shocks.

The manufacturer said that the circuit board of the Safeguard+ shower may overheat in “very rare circumstances”.

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They warned that the overheating posed a potential electric shock risk, and was a fire hazard.

Which units are affected?

The only model affected by the announcement is the Safeguard+.

The Safeguard+ units in question have the product code CSGP0 and the timestamp 05/14 to 12/16 on the underside.

Triton has asked customers who find signs of discolouration on the affected units to stop using them immediately.

Customers should check for:

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- any heat build up noticeable or a distinctive overheating smell

- Discolouration on the casing top. If there is none, then you can continue to use the shower

What should I do if my shower is affected?

If you believe your Safeguard+ is affected, you can contact Triton on free phone 0800 0154145.

If required, Triton will arrange a mutually agreeable time for an engineer to call and carry out a free 15 minute safety inspection to check and correct any issues.

Alternatively, customers can email [email protected]