TECH TALK: Compact and elegant ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker packs a punch

LOOKING out of the window on a dull and dreary December morning it's hard to visualise lounging in the garden, drink in hand, listening to my favourite tunes while upturning my face to glorious sunshine.

By Dean Mellor
Tuesday, 21st December 2021, 1:08 pm
ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker
ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

But my latest acquisition has gone a long way in making me think of sunnier climes and times.

With barbecues, outdoor parties, days at the beach and family get-togethers to look forward to, I've never had an ideal music provision sorted for such occasions – until now.

Enter The ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, an elegant and impressive-looking beast as it came out of the box, but could its roar match?

ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

Most definitely. This latest launch from Dublin-based audio specialists ONESONIC, purrs into life with an eardrum-caressing woof, instilling an exciting anticipation for this listener.

Pairing with my mobile phone was was simple and straightforward via my phone's Bluetooth settings, and then the sound. Wow. Measuring 310 x 152 x 118 mm, this Bluetooth speaker certainly packs a powerful punch, with a tub-thumping bass, crystal-clear mid and upper ranges and an impressive surround sound experience that belies its compact dimensions.

Volume can be controlled via the device itself or from your phone or whatever music source is connected.

The item looks and feels very well made, and at a not-too-heavy weight of just over 2kg allied with a bottom-heavy but stylish shape, is reassuringly sturdy and stable.

ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

The device has three built-in EQ settings and at the double press of a button moves from standard, to outdoor to 3D sound effect. There's also a mode switch to allow the user to toggle between Bluetooth, AUX via a supplied 3.5mm jack auxiliary cable (laptop or old iPod maybe?) and a USB connection, for pen drives, hard drives etc, and using this port can also charge your phone too.

These ways of connectivity makes the QUATTRO ideal and virtually futureproof for whatever you wish to connect. You can also make a handsfree call – very much like you can do on earphones.

QUATTRO has been named as such in homage to the four tuned speaker drivers, two 78mm 20W and two 10W, delivering a total of 60 watts which when coupled with two Passive Radiators allows you to feel every beat and reach the truest depths of sub-bass.

Charging is via your own 5V/2A or above 2A adaptor using the supplied USB cable. The 7,200 mAh battery will allow up to 12 hours of playtime from just a three-hour charge using a USB Type-C cable and can also serve as a power bank through USB Type B, making the QUATTRO ideal for use on the go.

A side profile of the ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

Mic enabled, the QUATTRO is Apple and Android compatible, and works with Siri and Google Assistant.

For those looking for a stereo surround sound, two QUATTROs can be paired wirelessly together to deliver a phenomenal surround sound movie or music listening experience. Perfect for parties or movie nights.

One other thing, It is also IPX6 water resistant – even from a high pressure water stream - so it can be used outside in the rain or by the pool or sea on holiday.

So, potentially I could go out with it now, into my garden, in December, with no speaker damage worries if the heavens opened. Think I'll take a rain check on that one.

ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

The ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker is delivered from Birmingham and is on currently on offer for £159.99 until Christmas (RRP £189.99) from the ONESONIC website at

So What's In The Box?

ONESONIC QUATTRO Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

USB-C Charging Cable

3.5mm AUX cable

Carrying strap

User manual


Bluetooth V5.0

True Wireless Stereo Sound – speakers can be paired for surround sound

Apple & Android compatible

Water Resistant: IPX6

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Frequency range: 65Hz-18kHz

Speaker units: 78mm 20W x 2, 10W x 2 (Total 60W)

Battery: 7,200mAh Lithium-ion battery

Power Bank

USB Type-C Charging (5V / 2A)

Charging time: 3hours

Working time: 10-12 hours

Product Size: 310 x 152 x 118 mm

Weight: 2,164g

Handsfree for calls (mic enabled)

Auxiliary In port

Colour Options: Black


ONESONIC is a Dublin-based developer and vendor of high-quality, wireless audio devices which currently includes the BXS-HD1 earphones, MXS-HD1 earbuds and BB-HD1 headphones. ONESONIC devices deliver great sound quality and are ergonomically designed for comfort.

The ONESONIC team is a collective of industry leading audio professionals; specialists in audio technology, acoustic design, music production, studio design and audio performance. The team has evolved from a division within sister company Allegro Acoustics, which is a specialist acoustic and audio design consultancy. The team has worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest and best global audio brands and have created ONESONIC to do audio the way it should be done.

The ONESONIC products have been crafted by industry leading audio professionals, and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Behind every ONESONIC device is a creative team with a passion for innovation.