The ok hand, thumbs up and poop emojis have all been labelled uncool by young adults

Certain emojis have been labelled uncool by young adults (Getty Images)
Certain emojis have been labelled uncool by young adults (Getty Images)

Think you’re down with the kids? The responses to this survey on emoji use may prove otherwise.

The once popular thumbs up, crying face and see-no-evil monkey have all been designated as uncool by a survey of young adults.

The crying laughing, smiling face with hearts and aubergine emoji on the other hand have all been given the green light by the younger generation.

Thumbs down for thumbs up emoji

Most Popular

    Polled 16-29-year-olds implied that use of the thumbs up emoji indicated you were “out of touch” with the younger generation, with a quarter of surveyees saying the hand gesture was the least cool icon.

    The tears of joy emoji was the most popular with the young generation with over half of those surveyed approving of its use.

    Older generations were also polled, and the skull and crossbones emoji was designated as the least popular overall with 3/10 saying it was their least favourite smiley

    Which emojis were the most popular with kids? 

    1. Tears of joy

    2. Eye-hearts smiley

    3. Zany face

    4. Smiling face with hearts

    5. Aubergine

    6. Fire

    7. Peach

    8. Cheeky devil smile

    9 Eye-roll

    10. Drool

    Which emoji were labelled ‘out-of-touch’ by kids?

    1. Thumbs up

    2. Red heart

    3. OK

    4. Tick

    5. Poop

    6. Loudly crying face

    7. Monkey covering eyes

    8. Hand-clap

    9. Kiss

    10. Grimace

    Think before you send

    The survey was carried out by Perspectus Global.

    Evie Porter of Perspectus outlined the reason for the survey, stating: “These symbols are now a vital part of our daily communication — on both a personal and professional level.

    "Yet, this research indicates the importance of assessing which ones you use.”