This rare Beatrix Potter 50p coin sold on eBay for more than £400 - here’s what yours could be worth

By Helen Johnson
Friday, 22nd November 2019, 12:16 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd November 2019, 12:50 pm
A rare Beatrix Potter 50p coin depicting an image of Mrs Tittlemouse has recently sold on eBay for £430 (Photo: eBay)

A rare Beatrix Potter 50p coin depicting an image of Mrs Tittlemouse has recently sold on eBay for £430.

Mrs Tittlemouse, a well-loved Beatrix Potter character who was known for her tidiness, takes centre stage on the coin, forming part of a series of coins originally launched to celebrate the 150th birth of the children's author.

Third rarest Beatrix Potter coin

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Although there are numerous coins in the Beatrix Potter series, the Mrs Tittlemouse coin is the third rarest, with only 1.7million coins being released into circulation.

The 2018 Flopsy Bunny and Peter Rabbit coins are the two rarest coins in the collection, with a mintage of just 1.4million.

The Mrs Tittlemouse 2018 50p coin received two bids on eBay and sold on the site for £430, which is the same price it was listed for.

Although the coin had been circulated, which also means there’s a chance you could find one in your change, it was still in good condition.

A coin being in good condition is something which makes it of more value to collectors.

Others Mrs Tittlemouse coins have also recently sold for on eBay, with one circulated coin raking in £7, and a commemorative colour version of the coin also selling on the site for £48.

Peter Rabbit coins are included in the Beatrix Potter collection (Photo: Royal Mint)

How to spot if you've got a Peter Rabbit coin

The 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p coin depicts Peter Rabbit just as Beatrix Potter painted him, with every detail, from his little blue coat to his long whiskers captured on the coin.

This coin shows the iconic image of Peter Rabbit munching on radishes in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

The silver 2017 Peter Rabbit coin was the first in the Beatrix Potter 2017 Collection and features an image of Peter Rabbit mid-run, presumably fleeing from Mr. McGregor.

The silver 2016 coin features an up-close portrait of Peter's face, including his iconic whiskers.

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